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To save our planet our only mission.
Saving national environment our only operation.


  1. Diversity : saving natural resources, the only mission
  2. Planting trees: conserving tree – for promotion – saving the jungle to reduce the risk of pollution.
  3. Water is national resource : saving water – closing all dripping taps – conserve water – stop water pollution – rivers, lakes, ponds conservation
  4. Saving electricity is what only we can do and instead of electricity, usage of solar heater, cooker and energy and more usage of solar energy
  5. Sound pollution: our only mission to make people enriched and educate to save energy at our homes and offices is our duty. Use endless solar energy by using solar heater, cooker and other appliances.
  6. Air pollution: to make people know the harms of dust – dust particles, ash, pollution from the vehicles running in diesel, petrol and gas and other pollution from the industries and industrial waste, pollution from garbage, growing temperatures which have a devastating result on our health and food.
  7. Growing population: to make people know the harms of growing population which also has a hand in the pollution and results in deforestation due to which our animal and insects are extinguishing. Food-clothing, energy – electricity are our basic necessity, so control population and save our planet earth.
  8. Stop using plastic bags: prevention of usage of plastic bags – to make people know the harms of thermocol glasses, plates and using plastic bags and bottles are a major threat to our environment.
  9. Natural resources & assets: to make people understand the advantages of natural resources and assets like fuel, minerals and forests.
  10. Reduce, reuse, recycle: the three ‘R’s can also be our savior, make people understand this, our mission.  

26 January, 15 August – On our republic and Independence Day, we wish to conduct programs on educating slum people by arranging long protest marches displaying banners distributing pamphlets and by reaching deeper streets of slums and showing streets plays and posters.
2 February: Global water conservation day – by discussing with the slum locals about the advantages of conserving water preserving lands by displaying posters, banners, pamphlets and educating then on the same.
21 March – Global Forest Day – Samta yuva manch’s endeavor to plant trees and conserve forests and to educate people by displaying banners, posters and distributing pamphlets on the advantages of preserving forests, trees and other natural resources due to which the balance of our planet is maintained.
22 March – Global Water Day -  Water conservation project – save water – conserve water, the availability of water – to educate school children on such subjects like usage of water and purifying water and with help of slum locals conducting group discussion, displaying posters, distributing pamphlets.
22 April Earth Day – We have always been displaying different banners-pamphlets and singing songs and poems on saving our planet earth and have always been conducting play on crowded places and in local trains. On this day displaying of wall posters on various prime locations will be done and people will be educated more on the subject.
22 May Wildlife Day – Wildlife means all the animals and insects of the universe, planet-animals and other insect’s genes and the environment in which they have to be saved and conserved. To create awareness against all local public and organizing group discussion and meeting in one day camp.
1 to 7 October Wildlife Preservation Day – Samta Yuva Manch – has also organized in school and collges awareness on the wildlife and have educated students for recognizing wild and other animals living in jungles around us. Several picnics in zoos and national parks will be arranged which will create awareness among them.
2 December Pollution Control Day – 2nd December is known as pollution control day. On this occasion several posters and banners in slum areas will be displayed.