Vat-Pournima Celebration-2018

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The festival of women in the month of Jyeshtha is related to the Banyan tree. Recognizing the importance of a tree in our culture, our ancestors have changed the tradition of worshiping the festival on the occasion of Vat Pournima. In earlier times, women used to go to the place of the Banyan tree, However, due to the decrease in the number of Banyan trees, the unwise method of bringing Banyan Branche's home is brought to the fore. The original purpose of celebrating this event is completely incompatible, and therefore, the priceless pruning of Banyan trees is being done. In order to prevent this untoward practice, the women of the organization are campaigning with the banners, pamphlets, women, and they have been pledging for the protection of the environment for the last 10 years.

Womens of Samata Yuva Manch celebrated Vat Pournima by planting Banyan Trees